Tips and Advice

Q. My child doesn't seem to hold a pencil correctly.
A. It is important that children learn to hold a pencil using a tripod grip so that they write at speed, a skill needed when completing exams. To encourage a tripod grip instead of using pencil grips place stickers on the pencil where the fingers should be positioned. This will act as a fun visual reminder to your child and helps them learn how to hold a pencil correctly.
Q. My child has difficulty forming letters.
A. There could be two reasons for this. Firstly your child has not yet developed the hand skills needed to hold a pencil. This does not fully develop until a child 7 years of age. Secondly your child may have difficulty in an area called visual perception. This is the ability to see a shape/letter and copy that shape/letter. This is not the same as dyslexia. It is recommended that an Occupational Therapist completes an assessment to assist your child develop the skill of forming letters.
Q. I struggle to get out of the bath.
A. This is a common problem that is often not talked about. All baths can have a bath lift fitted which raises and lowers the person out of the bath allowing that individual to enjoy having baths again without the fear of becoming stuck.
Q. I struggle to get off an armchair.
A. Many people add an extra cushion to the chair. Although this raises the seat it reduces the arm leverage needed to push up out of a chair. To find a correct height chair, measure your calf length from under your knee to the heel of your foot. Then sit on the preferred chair and measure the height of the seat cushion to the floor. There should not be a difference between the calf height and chair seat height.

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