Business Planning Courses

Do you want to turn your business dreams into reality?

The Right Brain Business Plan

If so, having a business plan is essential, however for many, a plan is thought about or written and placed in a drawer to gather dust.

Do you have a plan? Do you need a business plan that reflects your business beliefs that is also a workable document? The 'Business Essentials' and 'Business Growth' training courses are the answers to turning your vision into reality.

Following the Right Brain Business Plan techniques your business planning will become creative and purposeful. Just as the left brain allows you to be logical, structured and analytical you also need the right brain to bring your vision and imagination to life.

Business Essentials

Do you need help

  • Finalising your business vision?
  • Setting your pricing structure?
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Business Growth

Do you need help

  • Identifying market trends?
  • Attracting the perfect customers?
  • Creating a marketing plan?
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Business Review

Do you need help

  • Reviewing how your business is progressing?
  • Carrying out a business MOT?
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Our training courses

Recommended Courses Date Length Venue
Business Essentials 20/09/2012 1 day Newbury Details
Business Growth 08/11/2012 1 day Newbury Details
Quarterly Business Review On request 1 hour Telephone consultation Details