Whether you are seeking assistance for yourself or someone you know Therapy for Independence provides solutions to problems that restrict daily living for people with a physical disability, illness, ageing or have had an accident. We offer alternative solutions for individuals challenged by managing everyday living tasks. We turn struggles into success stories. Don’t take our word for it, read our testimonials.

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As a health company, our therapy services make a difference to the lives of children and adults by using our occupational therapy skills. We specialise in providing advice on independent living. As a small company we offer quality, through our expert knowledge. We offer value by providing cost effective solutions. We pride ourselves on offering the personal touch which is often lacking from larger organisations. Let our experts solve your problem.

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Our Stories

I have received so much help not only getting the things I needed to improve my quality of life but also helping me to accept I’m a lady with disabilities not just disabled.

Mrs Dalton, 2011, seen as part of a waiting list reduction service to Hampshire County Council.

The therapist went out of her way to help us; we really appreciate all that she has done. She did a very thorough job and was keen to make sure everything was done right.

Wife of Captain Harris, 2011, seen as part of an assessment for Ministry of Defence/Soldiers' Charity.

You can increase the productivity of your service by 17% by using Therapy for Independence.

Evidence has shown that an employed full time therapist spends only 83% of their working year on client related activity. This is only 43 weeks and a loss of 9 working weeks, talk to us about how we can help increase your productivity.

Since my son's sessions his confidence & self esteem have grown greatly now his issues are fully understood by himself, teachers and Mum/Dad.

Mrs Barrable (parent) talking about her son in 2008. In 2011 he won a school writing competition, previously he had handwriting difficulties.

You can reduce your salary overheads by 10% by using Therapy for Independence.

Due to the high overhead costs of running a large organisation the hourly rate for a therapist on an annual salary of £26,000 is £70, talk to us about how we can help save your staff costs.

Feedback from the family indicates that all intervention has been thorough & effective. As a case manager I will be happy to engage Therapy for Independence again

Sharmin Campbell (Director of PICCS), 2012 discussing occupational therapy intervention provided to a young boy with cerebral palsy.

I would recommend the therapist Sheilagh Blyth to my friends and family, throughout the process she was helpful, professional, approachable and reassuring to both myself and to my son.

Mrs Shackelton (parent), 2012, whose son was seen by Therapy for Independence for a handwriting assessment.

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Are you seeking a therapist to offer treatment to children?

We provide programmes teaching individual living skills so that you can confidently oversee the case knowing your client is receiving the best treatment.

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Are you a GP commissioning new community services?

We work with GP's to design and shape future health services, by using our services we can show you how our best practice meets your local needs.

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Are you managing an uncontrollable waiting list?

By outsourcing to us, we give you the extra capacity to manage high volumes of referrals and reduce your waiting lists.

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Do you own or manage a home that needs adapting?

We provide advice on housing options, housing adaptations and equipment provision so that you feel rest assured that the best advice has been given to adapt the property for that persons individual needs.

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  • Solicitors / Case Managers
  • Charities and Benevolent organisations
  • County Councils / Housing associations
  • GP Surgeries
  • Ministry of Defence / Army regiments
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Educational Establishments
  • Individuals and their families

Our clients

  • West Sussex County Council
  • Hampshire County Council
  • Ministry of Defence
  • RAF Benevolent Fund
  • Soldiers' Charity
  • Boyes Turner